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What does Amore Home Health Care Services do?

Amore Home Health Care Services, Inc. is committed to providing the highest standards of home care. Our team of highly skilled and friendly healthcare professionals ensures that all patients receive the health services necessary to improve their quality of life. 

Am I qualified to receive home health care?

The following criteria determine if you may be eligible to receive home health care under your Medicare benefits.
•    Must be homebound.
•    Must require intermittent care.
•    Required skilled medical care by a health care professional.
•    Under the care of a licensed physician.
     *You are considered homebound if you are confined to your home due to illness or injury.  It is not mandatory that you are bedridden; however leaving your place of residence must require a considerable effort and the need for supportive devices like wheelchair or the help of another person.

What kind of professionals are members of your care team?

Amore Home Health Care Services, Inc. employs dependable, trustworthy, experienced and competent clinical and office staffs. Our staffs include Skilled Nurses, Physical Therapy and Home Health Aide.  Our office staffs are available to assist you with your concerns.

Can I get a health needs assessment in my home?

Yes.  Please call our office to request for more information about receiving an assessment - 219-627-3522. You can also schedule one online.